In the old days, it was the phone book that was the business owner’s primary lead generation tool. For good or ill, those days have pretty much passed us by now.

What’s the new phone book?

It’s the internet, for sure – and to take it one step further, it’s pay per click advertising.

The Advantages of PPC

Why choose pay per click? Because unlike so many other forms of advertising – TV or radio ads, billboards, bandit signs, flyers and even direct mail – the PPC campaigns that we create for you are measurable and adaptable.

With traditional advertising, you buy X number of radio spots or X thousand direct mail postcards and hope for the best. The only real indication that your firm is getting any results is if the phone rings and if your staff member asks the person how they found out about you. With PPC, it’s all pre-determined.

When we create a PPC campaign for your local business, we can set up parameters like:

  • Geographic location.
  • Income level of the web user (in some cases)
  • Price you’re willing to pay per click.
  • SEO optimized keywords that trigger the ad to appear.
  • We can create ads that relate to content being viewed.
  • Time of day.
  • Determine the destination when the ad is clicked.
  • How many times the ad appears as compared to how many click throughs it received.

In short, you have total control over how, when and to whom your ads appear. Every click is tracked, and we can even set up special pages on your website to help capture each lead as it comes through.

What you can measure, you can change… and improve

Smart Skink marketing puts our proven expertise to work. If you’re a small business owner in Western Australia looking to capitalise on the huge resource of the internet – we can help. We’ll create, manage and optimise your PPC campaigns so that you have a steady stream of new customers flowing into your business until the profits literally overflow.

PPC works best when paired with an effective SEO strategy. Having your website at the top of the organic results is great, but if your website is converting traffic to sales there’s no reason not to also run PPC ads for an extra traffic boost.

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