Having your website appear in the Google Maps results is essential if you want to take full advantage of Google for mortgage leads. This article will take you step by step through the process for getting your business on Google Maps like the example below.

I don’t know who Linda is, but her website is occupying two prime positions on page one for “Mortgage Broker Jacksonville FL” so I know a few things about her. She’s got an excellent digital marketing strategy, and as a result, she’s getting A LOT of free leads from Google.
In this article I’m going to show you how you can get your business listed in the maps section that usually appears at the top of page one. This is not only an easy route to getting your website at the top of page one, it also allows you to get two listings on page one if you rank your main website as well in the organic search results. This means you’re going to get far more clicks and leads than if you only appeared once.


How to register a business on Google Maps:

Registering your business on Google Maps is very easy. Start here:

https://www.google.com/business/ and login to Google, if you don’t yet have an account go ahead and create one.

Once you’re logged in click the blue button to “Get on Google”. You’ll then be asked to try to find your business on Google Maps to make sure there is no an existing listing. If you do find your business here, verify the details are correct and skip down to the next section about boosting your listing to the top of the maps results.

If your business isn’t listed you should see something like this, click the area circled to proceed and enter your business details.





Follow the process through and enter all the information required about your business. Eventually you will get to a point where Google will need to verify you actually own the address. The screen will look like this:






Click this button and complete the process for Google to send you a post card with a verification code. This may take a couple of weeks to arrive.

Once you receive the post card go back to https://www.google.com/business/ and log in. At the top you should see a blue bar prompting you to enter your activation code. Enter the activation code and you’re done, your business will now appear in the maps section!


You should definitely go through your account and finish filling out all of the information, the more you can add the better. Definitely add your hours of operation, and some photos. At least 5 photos if possible for maximum results. There’s plenty of support on Google if you have any issues here.

How to Boost Your Business into the Top Listings

So, your business now appears in Google Maps searches, and may appear on the first page of Google in the maps section. However, there are only a few spots on the first page for maps results and there may be many local business owners in the same industry who have also followed this process. So what’s the key to getting your business in the top few maps results that appear on the first page?

The method is very similar to the off-page search optimisation I discussed at the end of the last tip, it’s all about authoritative links back to your maps listing. However, because it’s a maps listing it works a little differently. You can’t build links to your maps listing, but you can build citations.

Citations are online references that include your N.A.P (business name, address, and phone number). Google picks up on the number and relative authority of your citations and uses these to decide who to rank the highest in the maps results. The good news is, citations are pretty easy (if time consuming) to create.

The important thing is that all of your citations must be EXACTLY the same. They need to include your business name, address, and phone number. It doesn’t matter what format or variation of your business name you use for Google Maps, but your citations must match this format exactly in order to provide value.

Here are some examples of websites you can list your N.A.P (Name, Address, Phone):








There are literally hundreds more, you won’t have any problems finding them via Google search.

Learn more about citations here.

Once you’ve created your Google Maps listing, and created yourself some citations, next you need to power these up. The easiest way to do this is to get reviews on these sites. Getting reviews on your Google business page is the most important, but having people vote up your other citations will help as well.
Ask your current and past clients to help you out and leave a review and in no time you’ll be showing up in the top maps results for Google searches.