Why Smart Skink?

Why us? Why, of all of the SEO and web design and whatever else you can mention companies out there would you want to work with a company named after a lizard? What’s in it for a local business owner like you?

profile pictureHello, my name is Sam Burnett, founder of Smart Skink Marketing. My journey into helping small business owners like you succeed in this ever-growing and rapidly-changing digital world began when I was working in in a support capacity for local business owners. I worked for a mortgage aggregation company in Australia supporting Mortgage Brokers with their digital needs and as time went on, I realized that most of our members had no idea how powerful digital marketing really is, let alone how to effectively use it.

I formed Smart Skink marketing and put together a highly trained and experienced team for one reason only – to help you succeed by giving you the tools to reach out to more customers and to serve more people by helping them take advantage of your services. The internet isn’t something new any more, every successful business has a strong online presence and I want to help you match and exceed your competition.

At Smart Skink we take all of the guesswork out of the equation. Every service we deliver  is specifically targeted and measurable against rock solid performance indicators. We don’t give you a report on how much work we do – we measure our effectiveness on your results, specifically, how your website moves in the Google search rankings and how much new traffic you receive. We don’t ask you to trust us, just look at the results we deliver.

We’re all about you…

From day one, you find that we’re not just another company looking to sell you on a concept you really don’t fully understand. SEO and digital marketing can be confusing for some, and with good reason – it’s complicated and always seems to be changing. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver world class service, relate to our clients with language they understand, and take the complexity out of digital marketing.

The internet is the future – and it’s a vista of virtually unlimited opportunity. It’s your turn to dive into this sea and to find, connect with, and profit from new customer relationships.

Let us keep a steady and experienced hand on the tiller of your local business’s digital marketing ship! Use the contact button below to get in touch and begin your journey.

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